Certified Property Appraisal Services

Perils Insured Against

Actual Cash Value

IACP Certified Auto Appraisals

Fire & Lightning Damage Appraisals

Smoke Damage

Water Damage

Windstorm Damage

Hail Damage

Hurricane Damage



Malicious Mischief

Building Collapse

Sink Hole Collapse

Breakage of Glass

Umpire / Arbitration Services

Consumer Protection

Commercial Property Appraisals

Off Premises Property Appraisals

Farm Property Appraisals

IRS Tax Form 8283 / Noncash Charitable Donations

Insurance Fraud Investigation

Notary Public


Designated Catastrophe Areas
Texas First Tier Coastal Counties
& Certain Areas Located in Harris County
East of Hwy 146

Resources and Tips

The Appraisal Institute is a valuable source of information on topics of appraisals for real property.



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